Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mercenaries 2: World In Flames

Okay, so I've had Mercenaries 2 for several days now and I must say that this game rocks. The graphics are sweet, the new features are awesome, and more gratuitous violence than the first.

The same cast of characters from the first are now in the second, plus a few more NPC's that help you. A great improvement over the first is that now foliage is destructible as well and can be set on fire. Plus, buildings collapse in a more realistic way. Suppose you damage a crane it doesn't collapse straight down, it will fall forwards, backwards, or any which direction and it will collapse segmentally, more like real buildings. The physics are so much better because of this and makes blowing buildings up so much more fun.

Also, you don't drown if you fall in the water any more. In fact, you can even hi-jack boats. Another new feature I love is that you can add items to your stockpile from stuff you find in the field. Based on what I've gone through so far, these fall into four categories: fuel, ammunition, cash, and car parts. Fuel is needed for whenever something is delivered to you, ammunition is used for air strikes, artillery fire, etc, cash is giant crates of money you can find in the field, and car parts can be used by the mechanic to create custom vehicles.

If anything, I think the main issue with this game is its storyline and method of its delivery. In the previous game, you recieved missions from four different factions, and you were briefed prior to each mission. This missions ranged from sniping enemy units to destroying enemy buildings. While its essentially the same thing this go around, it would have been better if it was delivered the same way as in the previous game with an NPC verbally explaining the mission. In my opinion it gives much more character to the game.

In short, this game I feel lives up to its predecessor despite its issue with the storyline and I give it 4/5 stars.

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