Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh the madness begins...

So, I decided to create a blog. I suppose the best way to start a blog is to describe myself a bit.

I prefer to go by my pseudonym Xavious Aleckzander Wolffe.

I am a multifaceted artist (albeit sporadic in new creations) who can write, draw, and occasionally even make music.

I take great interest in the Sciences, particularly chemistry and physics. Some of my greatest joys in this bleak world is to mess around with electric circuits, ponder upon chemical formulas, and occasionally mess with something I call 'classical physics'... one of these days I'm going to make that catapult.

I hope to develop some culinary skills to make my post 'living with parents' life easier.

I am soon to begin college working towards an Associate in Science degree.

I have an Xbox 360. My gamertag is XaviousWolffe although I don't currently have net access for it. Yes I have Halo 3. No I can not uberpwn people, although I like to think I'm a good sniper. My profile on Bungie.

One of the forums I visis most is AlchemyX.com. Its a lovely little site for people to get together and discuss stuff ranging from current world news to latest games.

I am of the Christian faith. Note here that I say I belong to the Christian faith. I believe that religion is the downfall of faith. Faith is the pure words of God. Religion is His words twisted by man. The Christian faith would teach others tolerance, love, and peace. Religion has taught others corruption (Spanish Inquisition), intolerance (Crusades of the Middle Ages and many other events I could name), and hypocrisy (I'm not even starting on this one). More I could say, but a still mind is better than cruel words.

I am a member of the furry fandom. My fursona is a black and white wolf. I have a wikifur page here.

I have aspirations to someday release a game and/or novel based upon my D&D world of Kharam.

I do play D&D. I have been both a DM and a PC in numerous games. I have many custom creatures (my Kharam Bestiarum thread on Alchemy X) and working on custom races as well. I love LAWFUL Evil ones who are smart mouthed and often say stuff that gets them in a heap of trouble resulting in him to fight his way out of a situation. Admittedly that one time I tried to intimidate a Red Dragon wasn't my best idea... 3.5 Edition for the win!

Theres likely even more stuff about me I'm forgeting (hey, I'm a complex guy) but thats all I can remember for now. Expect more in the future!

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